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August 2001

Teen Idol [General]

Pre-Requisites: 3 or more levels of Bard, or 6+ ranks of Performance, or Craft (any art).
Benefit: This character has captured the public imagination. Whether this fame (or infamy) serves to help the character or becomes an annoying burden depends on the whims of fate. In any case, the character develops a following of fans and will be recognized (and mobbed) in most civilized population centers on a Charisma check of 16+ unless wearing a disguise. The character's Charisma Bonus is effectively doubled when the character is dealing with his target audience (normally impressionable young girls, art-lovers, or teenage boys.)
Roleplaying Notes: It seems really obvious how this could be used in a game, both to a player's advantage and to the advantage of a roleplaying plot.

May 2001

Fashion Sense [General]

The character has an intuitive knack for fashion and clothing.
Benefit: An appropiately dressed character with fashion sense knows how to wear clothing to create a lasting effect. The character spends 10-60% extra on clothing (and this includes clothing maintenance, armor polish, accesories) but gains a +2 to Diplomacy, Disguise and Intimidate checks.
Roleplaying Notes: This is a good feat for Aristocrats, Courtiers, Merchants and anyone who wants to make a good impression.

Gifted Artist [General]

The character is an especially talented artist or craftsman.
Benefit: +1 to all craft skills. In addition, any items he or she creates will be worth 5-20% more.

Planar Origin [Background]

Although still a normal mortal, the character has a planar origin. He was either born on one of the Outer/Inner Planes, or brought there at an early age.
Benefit: The character gains the skill Knowledge: The Planes at +2, and is able to see extraplanar gateways (normally hidden from the eyes of normal characters.)
Roleplaying Notes: In a planar/planescape campaign, GM's should give this feat free to all of the players (unless they don't want it, for whatever reason). In a standard fantasy campaign, however, it represents an interesting twist: the character is an outsider from beyond with secret, priveleged knowledge.
April 2001

Exertion [General]

Pre-requisites: Toughness, Power Attack, base attack of +1 or higher
Benefit: This feat allows the user to expend their own hit points during combat in order to take down an opponent. If the character hits successfully, he can expend a number of Hit Points (up to his base attack rating) and add that amount to the damage of his next attack. This feat uses a full action and cannot be used with Cleave. Hit Points lost through Exertion are regained at the end of the fight.
        - (contributed by Jared Sorenson)

Elemental Affinity [Background]

Although still a normal mortal, the character has an affinity for either Air, Earth, Fire or Water, and may in fact be related to an Elemental Lord.
Benefit: The character must choose an element listed above. The character receives a free language tied to the appropiate element (Auran ,Aquan, Ignan or Terran), and a +2 to all saves when dealing with this affinity element.
Roleplaying Notes: The character may wish to use this affinity as part of his background. The character may decide, for example, that he is most comfortable around his home element. Elementals always recognize a character with elemental affinity, although this never affects their reactions one way or the other.

Fated [General]

The character was destined for great things and has a certain amount of uncanny luck when in situations of great danger.
Benefit: Once per day, the character may add his Charisma bonus (up to a maximum of +4) to any Fortitude, Reflex or Will saving throw. This bonus stacks with all other bonuses.
Optional: especially wise spellcasters, fortune-tellers, or certain magical creatures such as dragons or sphinxes can detect a fated character.

Sorceror's Heritage [Background]

Somewhere in the character's family, a relative has innate magical ability. This ability is now latent in the characters blood, even if the character is not a Sorceror. This also provides a convenient excuse for characters who wish to become multi-classed sorcerors at a later date.
Benefit: By taking this feat, the character eliminates the XP penalty for becoming a multi-classed sorceror. (In effect, this character adds sorceror to her list of favored classes).
Optional: Other sorcerors may be able to sense this gift by making a spot check against DC:25.

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