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npc classics
When working with an already established genre like fantasy you basicly have two choices, neither of which is perfect. You can either play against pre-established genre conventions, or you can acknowledge and extend them. Ultimately, introducing something completely new and wonderful is what you really want to do: these are two roads that can take you there. However, they won't take you anywhere if you don't take ownership of the genre itself. Explore your fantasy palette and find what works for your group.

In the meantime, here are some classic npc bit-parts to fill out your dramatis personae. Play against them, or acknowledge and extend them, the choice is up to you.

  • The Bartender/Tavernkeeper
  • The Captain of the Guard
  • The Elderly Dogma-bound Priest
  • The Young, Progresssive Priest
  • The Society-rejecting Druid
  • The Mysterious Foreigner
  • The Farmer/Local Yokel
  • The Town Drunk
  • The Blacksmith
  • The Grubby Street Kid/Orphan
  • The Serving Wench
  • The Sniveling Criminal Informer
  • The Punk Criminal
  • The Criminal Kingpin
  • The Animal Expert/Big Game Hunter/Huntress
  • The Annoying Noble
  • The Sinister Employer
  • The Ship's Captain
  • The Seasoned Wilderness Scout
  • The Old Soldier/Retired Adventurer
  • The Lovable Lummox
  • The Ruthless Bounty Hunter
  • The Manipulative Courtesan
  • The Miner/Prospector
  • The Wise Mentor
  • The Eccentric Sage
  • The Thick-headed Barbarian
  • The Shifty Rogue
  • The Mad Mage
  • The Obsessed Mage
  • The Knowledgable Librarian
  • The Haughty Princess
  • The Utterly Incompetent Ruler
  • The Ruler's Malicious Vizier
  • The Intelligent Familiar
  • The Dashing Entertainer
  • The Bold Guardian/Protector/Knight
  • The Sleazy Merchant/Slaver
  • The Escaped Slave
  • The Humorously Incompetent Servant
  • The Travelling Fortune-teller
  • The Mendicant Monk
  • The Beggar
  • The Supernatural Manifestation of Light/Darkness/Chaos/Order/Whatever

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