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d20 Material

Gloom Deep is a broken and drifting shard of Gehenna, spinning and crumbling in the endless void. Eventually it will crumble to pieces, or be crushed against one of the other mounts of Gehenna. This was once the realm of the Illithid god of secrets, Maanzecorian. Now it still holds a few hapless petitioners, a few throwback Yugoloth's and Ba'atezu, and an enclave of hopeless and insane illithids. Recently it has become the object of affection for a very greedy Mercane, who hopes to plunder the former realm of a dead god of secrets for profit, by stabilizing the shard and making it a demiplane. There are four connected ledges, several villages, a (mostly) abandoned illithid citadel and an atmosphere thick with desperation.

Molesfork Henge is an extremely simple fantasy nouveau setting that is set up for standardized original D&D material. Material from Molesfork Henge is modular in nature so that users can borrow what they like for use in their own Dungeons and Dragons campaigns. Emphasis is on romance and plain old game-utility. I should point out that Molesfork Henge is not an especially unusual or perception shattering setting. It's an attempt at establishing a common ground for fantasy settings, and showcasing individual creations that fantasy gamers can borrow and use. The romance bit is entirely my own meddling.

Snowglobe is an unusual D&D/d20 setting- an entire miniaturized microcosm that exists inside of a magical snowglobe. It is similar to Narnia, Neverending Story and Oz: the characters are meant to be outsiders in a fanciful world where metaphors become real and internal psychological struggles take physical form. It could be used with D&D characters or even in a specialized campaign where players portray real-world earth characters (like Dorothy) who become fantasy characters for their visit to the Snowglobe. Emphasis is on storybook feel, uplifting quest-for-insight type of stories.

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