moleplaying games my favorite game-designer's own website has a new look and a lot of neat features.

Crystal Caste They make the most interesting dice!

Wizards of the Coast- Dungeons and Dragons my favorite fantasy rpg.

Pulsar Games - Blood of Heroes my favorite superhero rpg.

Fantasy Flight Games Fantasy Flight Games is a neat gaming company that makes Diskwars and Blue Planet. They have great artists.

Eric Noah's 3rd Edition D&D page the best source for d20 related news, links, and information.

Jamis Buck RPG generators. Seriously old school D&D stuff.

Open Gaming Foundation I believe.

Gaming Outpost A very nice rpg community. Really.

Webrpg the best place to play online.


acid-reflex - Clinton Nixon the best player in any game I've ever run

memento-mori - Jared Sorenson brilliant creator and source of inspiration. Also, he's way cooler than me.

enantiodromia - Mike Gentry I actually don't know Mike that well, but I really like his website.

Nearly empty rooms - Gareth Hanrahan Gareth is from Ireland and has been involved in Nobilis, Legend of the 5 Rings and Blue Planet (amongst other things). You should also check out to learn more about the gaming scene in Ireland.
buried treasure

Invader Zim! This cartoon rules- it's visually stunning and really funny. On Nickelodeon. Also check out the Fairly Odd Parents. Well done.